Thursday, 11 October 2012

My Philosophy of Life

Howdy Folks,

Sorry for the late update of my blog. Being busy lately with my hobbies and a jam packed teaching schedules. This will most likely be my last year as Photography teacher. It has been a exhilarating year for me where pastimes and hobbies are concerned.. It's only entering the last quater and I have already over spend on my budget limit for the year....!!! Travelling twice to China and another couple of times down s'pore has taken it's toll on my pocket.

Just like Life....One must move on and plan ahead for the coming year along  the '' Middle Way '' or rather the '' Middle Path ''. The very path that I choose after all that I have been through in Life. Be it Religion, Philosophy, Finances, Family or the everday chores in Life, it's the Middle Path, that I finally found inner Peace...!!! If it wasn't for my slow typing, I could easily have written a book on my experience in Life.

Here are some of the Man & Women who's wisdom and thoughts have had a great influence in my Life. Below is a list of those who's Ideas and Philosophy were the main influence in my Life :

Thanks again for logging in and have a Nice day ahead....!!!

Regards.........Uncle James.

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