Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Back To Basics & Those Wonderful '' Kodak Moments '' With The E-300.

Hi Folks,

First of all here's Wishing you all out there a '' Merry Christmas & A Jolly New Year ''... !! Time really does Flies and at Godspeed. Its another New year to look forward to and Resolutions to meet. As with previous years, there are of course some unresolved resolutions left undone.  Well, all this are part and parcel of life, and one must always look at the bright sides of things. The most important thing is to be Content and be Happy in Life. Always remember that there are millions of people who are less fortunate than yourself. Spare a Thought for our fellow Brethren and remember to always be humble, for we all the children of this Pale Blue Dot we all call '' EARTH ''.

As with all most of my previous post, I have always emphasize the need to just go out, explore and take more Pictures, rather then to worry about the Best and the latest. Thanks to my recently purchased of the E-300, I have now virtually, gone back to Basics. It was this Camera that once again opened up my eyes to the days when Photography was all about taking good pictures , rather than just snapshots. It has help me discover my old self and force me to be creative all over again. I realise that this past years I have been spoiled rotten and gotten Lazy with all those Autos, Art Filters, HDR, Sweep Panos and Touch Screen etc. This is one camera No one wants in this double digit megapixel days. Its just like the good Old Film days again, where anything above ASA ( ISO ) 400 are but noise ...!!! It has made me Utilize the best of the situation and make full use of the whatever available Light there is, after all, Photography is all about Light. For without it, Photography itself would cease to Exist.

Here's sharing a few '' Rolls '' of those wonderful almost Film Like ... '' Kodak Moments ''. All shot with the E-300 & 14-45 Kit lens. Most were shot recently and a few were from the past. Have fun , relax and simply enjoy this simple collections of mine. All done in random themes without focusing on a particular subject.

Here are some Old school '' Art & Still Life '' Design  Shots, taken with my E-300, and Updated this 27th Dec, 2013. Those were some wonderful Film cameras that I owned during the 70's & 80's.



And here are some from my previous post from '' SANDMAN '' .

Finally for some truly '' Black & White '' conversion of those Kodak colours ...!! Looks like those 60's & 70's  T-Max 100 Films. 


Well, Those are just snippets of what this Baby E-300 could do in good hands. I have to limit myself to available lights and shooting in Low Lights is a challenge, just as in my Film days. But it doesn't get any more exciting than this, as I have Learn to go back to '' BASICS '' and relive and Rejuvenate my Passion for all things Photography all over again ... Yee Haa !!

As always remember to Utilize what that you have and just go out and have Fun. If you have a particular subject or category you like, by all means, give it your best shot and soon, you too will be a Master of it. As for me, I am into most things Photographic, and sadly Master of none ... Ha,Ha.

From time to time, I will as usual do an update when possible. There is so much to share and yet so little time to do it. But I certainly will add on as I Tag along.

Before closing, here's wishing that the New Year will bring you Fresh hopes and may all of your Resolutions comes true ... !!

Take care and Look to this day for its Life, the very Life of Life .... '' Hakuna Matata '' !!!

Regards .... Uncle James.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

'' SANDMAN '', Batu Pahat ... Probably The Best Guitar Centre In Malaysia !!

Hi Folks,

Thanks again for being so patience in waiting for an update to my Boring Blog. This is an update that I Promise I will do in Godspeed for My Good friend and Long time school and classmate, Mr. Seah Kok Hwa. Unlike me, He's an Entrepreneur, Successful Businessman, A Father of Three Children and also A proud Grandpa. But Unlike other Grandad, Kok Hwa like myself has a fond Love for all things Musical, especially The '' Guitar ''. Hence, with Money to spare he Venture into a Business that is also his Life long Passion, and that's Opening a Guitar Shop. With that, '' SANDMAN '' was Born, in a town where there's no shortage of Talents... Batu Pahat !!

 Believe me when I say that this really is a Unique Guitar shop. Besides two floors of Guitars, Drums, Amps, Books, Software, Ukeleles, one can get almost almost anything related to strings. Sure, anyone with money can open one, but few have a passion for Guitars like Kok Hwa. There's also a Jam studio, Guitar and Drum class for those who are interested in learning. The Unique thing is that you can order online at your fancy any Guitar that you like. See something you like  and feel you couldn't get it in Malaysia ? No problem, just give them a call, and your dream '' Les Paul or Stratocastor '' will be send to you in no time at all. The service and the smiles of the staff will also have you in cloud nine in no time at all ... Yee Haa !! Here's the Link to the company online store : http://www.sandmanguitaronline.com  And the address can be found on their online shop. There are of course in Facebook here : https://www.facebook.com/Sandmangc/info 

 Now to the string Instrument that I loved ... the Guitar. So, where did the guitar first originate ? The guitar's roots go way back to 15th-century Malaga in Spain. Its engineering was pioneered by a Spanish black man, who gave just four strings or 'courses' to his guitar. Thereafter, the instrument went through the Baroque and Classical periods before evolving into the six-stringed, modern-day guitar. 

The word guitar comes from the Portugese word 'guitarra' derived from the Greek word 'kitharra' that refers to the Greek island of love and poetry, Cythara, which was dedicated to the Roman goddess of love and beauty, Venus.

As with all other Musical Instruments, You either Love it or Hate it. In a recent Research by French Scientists, carrying a Guitar increases your chance of a date by a Third. Yes, Man who carries and Play the Guitar do look sexier then those who don't ... Ha,Ha.

As usual, I will do this Photo journey in two sections, one those '' Straight '' shots and the other , in my own '' ART '' form. Just relax and enjoy the Boring Pictures ...!!! All captured with my Old and Trusty Olympus E-300 and  the standard kit lens.

I shall start with the '' OOC '' jpegs of the '' SANDMAN '' itself.

The Store's online Ads and Front page with an offer item that I feel is really a Bargain ... The Les Paul Junior for a mere RM 389.00.

  The Reception and Store Front.

 Those Friendly and Wonderful Staff.

The Best of The Rest in the World of Strings and Drums ... !!


And Now for a Mix of '' Lights, Strings & Curves '' In the Wonderful World of Strings, the Guitar itself is a Beautiful work of '' ART '', with Curves  and Streamline that are sometimes more Beautiful then a Women ...Ha, Ha. Don't believe me ? Take a look below to see some creations of mine ...  Far Out !!

  Just like a Beautiful Women, the Guitar is also a Thing of Beauty in the eyes of the Beholder ... !!

She will stand up straight and be proud of you ...

Or Lay Down Next to you .....

 She will also Open her Heart and show you her Soul .... OMG !!!

Finally, as with all Ladies, She will , on occasion ..... Stare  You in the Eye !!


Here at Sandman, one can get what your Pocket and Heart Desire. From the Highest Priced '' Les Paul Standard '' ( RM 19K ) to a Budget Rm 200 plus to choose from, the choice is limitless. The two pics below tells it all . But of course, if you have the money to burn , you can always order even a RM 100K Guitar from Sandman.

The RM19K plus '' Les Paul '' Standard .

Or a Affordable one like this for around RM 200, Which my Old friend and Buddy Mr. Kok Young is trying out with. That happens to be the one that I am buying, out of love for the '' Guitar ''.

Just Like Kok Hwa, I was influenced by the likes of the Beatles, Elvis, Cliff Richards , Peter, Paul & Mary, Simon & Garfunkel, CCR and Santana. The Bands and Idols of our days whose playing style still influence my love for both the Rock & Folk music till today.  Down memory lane Pics below  :

Self Portrait taken during the early 70's during the era of Simon & Garfunkel.

And The Folks whose music I still play today .

By now you would have a Feel or two of what Guitar means to Folks like us, why don't you try out and take up a few lessons in Guitar playing. After all, if you Girl happens to Dump you, You still has a Lifelong companion to ... '' Play Along '' !! For that I will Cheer you on .... Yee Haa !!

I hope you enjoy this short update and I wish  you all the Best in your Endeavor,  be it a simple pastime as playing the Guitar or Drumming away to the digust of your neighbours ....Ha,Ha. Take care and Remember, Time waits for No One . So ... '' Live for this day for it is Life, The very Life of Life '' .

Here's a latest update as of 21st Dec, 2013. There's only a few days left from now to Christmas & New Year, so, go get your Love ones or your good friend an '' Good Ole Guitar ''... !!! Its also an update on a Beautiful Guitar, Design and shape like a Violin. It's of course made Famous by the one and only ''Paul McCartney '' of the Beatles.   This baby is simply a Beautiful work of Art and one that I adore the most. Well, Thanks again to '' Kok Hwa ''  for inviting me along to Join in in their '' Jamming '' session. I must admit I am a little too old for this, but as with most Music lovers and Guitar players, this is surely '' Fun & Entertainment '' at its Best. I certainly can'y catch up with our '' Band of Brothers '' here, but I believe I can still belt out a Song or two with my rusty vocals ...Yee Haa !!

Here's a Thing of Beauty in the eyes of yours Truly .... The Paul McCartney Styled Bass Guitar !!

 Remember, This is the season to be Giving, so, Give someone you Love a '' Guitar '', and get them at Sales Price at '' SANDMAN '' , Batu Pahat ... !!! Here's Wishing you all a '' Merry Xmas & A Jolly Good New Year '' ... !!

Thanks for dropping by and three cheers to you all ... !!!

Regards ..... Uncle James.