Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Birds Eye View of Tanjung Labuh, Batu Pahat.

Hi Folks,

First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you wonderful folks who who has shared my post '' The old trades of Batu Pahat ''. In 5 days since the 15th of January, I recorded a record 9k plus views from here and around the world ... Far Out !!! I am so grateful to you all for the kind comments and compliments. Its an encouragement for retiree like me , and it gives me that drive to carry on posting interesting articles in this near future... Yee Haa !!

This post is actually a continuation of my earlier post on my adventures in Microlight Flying ( The World From Above ), here in Tanjung Labuh B.P.  Many local folks still doesn't know the existant of an Airfield let alone Microlight Flying.

 Here's a brief outline on what Microlight ( Ultralight in U.S. & some countries ) are :

There are many classifications of "ultralights." The term, as it is used in the Federal Aviation Regulations, applies to any vehicle, powered or unpowered, which meets the definitions of FAR Part 103 (Ultralight Vehicles). The terms "ultralight" and "microlight" are used in many other countries to describe single and 2-seat planes flown primarily for fun. 

The terms include powered ultralights (fixed wing, rotorcraft, powered parachutes, etc.) and unpowered ultralights (hang gliders, paragliders, sailplanes, balloons, etc.). FAR Part 103 definitions restrict weight, speed, and fuel. The definitions currently apply only to single-seat craft, with exemptions for two-seat craft that are used for instructional purposes only. 

Well, that's just a brief what Microlight is all about. But the most important question is '' Why do folks like me and others enjoy this type of flying '' ...? Here's six main reason why its such a popular sports in the U.S., Europe & Australia .

@ Their low cost to maintain @  Minimal amount of training required @ The '' wind in your face '' experience @ The ability to fly '' low & slow '' @ The simple '' stick & rudder '' operation  and finally ...They are just plain fun, pure simple recreational flying . Just like a bird flying free & easy and having a view thats '' Far Out ''... Yee Haa !!

Its all thanks to my good friend Mr.Tay, who happens to be ( The Founder, Instructor, Examiner, Aircraft Inspector, Pilot and Builder ) of all things related to Microlight here at '' Microlight Flying Club, Batu Pahat ''. As usual I shall start with a pic of the man himself Mr. Tay and pics of Tanjung Labuh from the air. Most of the landscapes shot were taken from my video clips from the OMD-EM5. Have fun and just enjoy the view of '' The World From Above '' ...!!

The man behind it all Mr. Tay,

And here's yours truly in the '' SKYWALKER II '' microlight aircraft.

The rest of the view from above. Most were over the 9th miles Tanjung Labuh area and the Beautiful coast along the Straits of Malacca ... Enjoy !!

What does this small rock cliff reminds you off ...? Looks familiar ? Yes, that's the '' Mini Malaysia '' at the tip of Tanjung Labuh.

And here are some pics of the aircraft itself both in flight and on the ground.


And finally our clubs logo, design by yours truly ... '' The Batu Pahat Microlight Flying Club ''.

Thats about it folks, now you know there's a unique flying club here in Tanjung Labuh, Batu Pahat. A lot of folks has ask me , whether its safe to fly in a Microlight, my answer is simple, its even safer then most commercial aircraft, including those that we fly to our holiday destinations... Ha,Ha.

Nothing beats that '' free as a bird '', '' wind in your face '' feeling from out of this world. I have tried '' Big bikes '', GT cars, bungee jumping , but nothing come close to this. The adrenaline rush to your brain while taking off and right angle turn is unbelievable on the microlight. Its also that feeling of floating amongst the birds and cloud that makes it unique.

Take care and hope the pics here will have you on '' Cloud 9 '' ...Ha,Ha.

Regards .... Uncle James.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

'' JAMMING '' at The '' SANDMAN '', Batu Pahat.

Hello Folks,

Its another Bold New Year again ... !! Don't let the title fool you, it isn't about '' Peanut Butter '' or our local '' Kaya & Planta '' Jam . Its all about Musical and Band '' Jamming '' and singing your hearts out !! Yes, its a wonderful feeling I haven't had since my post High School days . Ya, I know, its hard for my acoustic playing style to blend in, but just like most Ex Gospel singers, I still can belt out a few songs from the rocking past ... Yee Haa !!

Singing in a Live band is far cry from the norm of today's '' Kara_OK ''. Unlike karaoke, you have to memorize your Lyrics and know the '' Key '' to the song you're singing. For short sighted folks like me , you need a Large print song sheets , so that you can see clearly every Chord and Lyrics ... Ha,Ha. But its all worth the effort that we put in, as it's Pure Feet Tapping, Body swaying, Ego Rocking Fun of the utmost Kind ... Yee Haa !!

Here's our ''JAM '' session done in pictures , both in Normal & Abstract style . This is my second session and still I hardly could remember most of their names ...Deng !! Held every Wednesday, on the third floor of the most Popular Guitar Store , north of the border ... '' SANDMAN '' !!

First the band itself and its Players & Singers. All shot with The outdated 10 year old E-300 & 14-45 kitlens. Look at those ''Gorgeous '' skin tones and the Film like colours !!

Starting from '' Leader of the Band '', not that song by Dan Folgerberg, but our band leader, Mr. Seah Kok Hwa aka '' Paul McCartney '' on Rhythm .

 Followed by our Rhythm & Lead Guitarist '' Forever Young '' ... Mr.Tony 

And our Lead Guitarist  '' Ironman 3 ''... Mr. Melvin Chan 

On Bass , our Rugged '' Inspector ''... Mr. Faizal

When you need to '' Key In '', we have our very own Veteran Veterinarian Keyboardist ... Mr. Zain

And Finally, an old friend of mine, one of the best '' Drummers '' around  IMHO ... Mr.Nan

The '' BAND '' on The Run ?? Ops !! ... I mean Band Having Fun and Rocking Away !!

And now for our very own in house Singers and Candidates for the '' Batu Pahat Idols '' 2014 '' ... Just Kidding Lah !! If I were one of the Judges, all three would have easily entered the Final !!

First off , our '' Teresa Teng '' Miss Mary ( Had a Little Lamb ). Here seen rendering a Mandarin song with her Soft, mellowed and sweet voice.

Next is our Soulful and Mid tone singer of both '' Hokkien & Mandarin '' songs ... Miss Susan ( No relations to Susan Boyle ) here.

Finally, another veteran who has just gotten back from overseas, the '' ELVIS '' of the band, Mr. Danny. Here singing one of Elvis's song with his '' Husky ''voice.

Now for some  truly close ups and special effects shot of all things related to '' Jamming '' and  '' JAM ''. Have fun and simply enjoy the pics and rumblings of this old man ... Ha,Ha.

Kok Hwa yelling ...... '' Rock Steadyyyyyyyyyy '' ...!!! I hope his Vocal Chord can take it .

When One '' Nan '' isn't enough .... Lets have '' FIVE '' more !!

 Hot ..... '' FINGERING ''  ( No wrong ideas here ) by our Keyboardist Zain.

 The Union Jack from a '' Down Under '' View , from Tony's Fender Guitar.

Or The Union Jack from above ...The Head !!

Now for some Bossa Nova '' Big Bad Bass '' effects !!

Remember, Life is Too Short for those Wait, too swift for those who enjoy, so,  Live Life to the Fullest and '' Sing '' your Hearts Out and Treasure every Moment of it . Just Do It and Lets .... '' JAM '' !!

Well, That's it for now, looks like it will be another busy year again for me. Another New Pastime and whole lot more Travel , Photography, Archeological, Art and Antiquities to do in this year of the '' Horse ''.

As ever, do take grace in any mistakes or Typo that I might have made, for I am a year older but certainly a little more Wiser ... '' Hakuna Matata '' Cheers !!

Regards .... Uncle James.