Thursday, 18 October 2012

The World From Above...'' A Bird's Eye View ''

Howdy Folks,

Here's a Quick series of Five random shots taken recently while flying on a '' SKYWALKER II '' Ultralight aircraft. They were all shot over and around the Tanjung Labuh Airfield with my Trusty EPL-2 & Kit lens.

As you can see, flying has always been one my dream since my childhood days. Eventhough I can't fullfill the Fighter Pilot dream, any form of flying would have had me on cloud 9. I love anything and everything related to Flight....from Model airplanes to Balsa gliders during my younger days and recently those remote control aircraft and even UFO'S.

Besides Flying, my other Hobbies and pastimes includes  Audiophile, Archeology, Astronomy, Antiquites & Antique Appraising, Aero-Modelling, Birding,  Photography, Philosophy and Religious Studies, Nature Conservancy and Volunteerism and last but not least Travel.  This has taken up a large portion of my spare times and of course my Finances.

Here's sharing my first of the many Hobbies and pastimes...To begin with, I shall start with a mix of both Photography and Ultralight Flying.

Here are some recent updates as of September 2013.

Thanks for taking the time and effort  just to browse through my Blog.

Regards........James Moh.

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