Saturday, 8 September 2012

A Brief Intro

Hello There...!!!

Welcome to my very first attempt at creating my own blog. Anyway please take grace in my mistakes as I am already an old man nearing it's 60's. As an avid photographer, I felt it was only natural to start my post with a picture., after all a good pic is worth more than a thousand words.

To be begin here's one from amongst the many of my favorite pastime or rather '' Hobbies ''.

Thanks for viewing and take care....!!!

Regards...........James Moh.


  1. Good morning to you and your newborn blog. We shall all look forward to see your stories from now and before. Don't take me as an example of a blogger, take Robin.

    1. Hi Red,

      Thanks for being the first here, for that I owe you and selamata Nice Big '' Braini Gum ''...Ha,Ha.

      By the way why aren't you here for Raya? I was free for the first two days and also I lost my previous phone while Flying, hence your H/P no also.

      So, give me a ring or SMS me your Bimbit Nos.

      Thanks uncle James.

  2. Replies
    1. Hi selamat,

      Thanks brother for being the first two....Yee Haa !!! Like I said to Red, I owe you two a Delicious Nasi Braini Gum.

      By the way, when are you coming for that '' Soar Like a Bird'' Maiden Flight? ...Don't take too long as I will be off working next month.

      Thanks again....Uncle James.

  3. Didn't go jalan raya at all, my son got very bad fever and we visited the hospital twice. Most of the time I was nursing him at my in-law's place. So hectic I forgot to ring anyone up.

    Just sms you but got message that your phone is off. Same -9019 number?

    I usually log in with my blogspot account but I am more active in the Zuikoholics blog now being the editor. Some young fellas did a good job producting images out of Zuiko stuffs, you should see their works:

  4. Bro, so you finally decided to go into blogging. Blogs are much easier than website. Look forward for more photos to share here.


    1. Hi Bro,

      Thanks for logging in and jotting down a few lines of my new Blog. I feel it's a good way to jot down one's personal feeling about the world that we live in..... Will post more when I have the time.

      Thanks again.......James.