Monday, 7 January 2013

Those Magnificent Men and Womens of Batu Pahat !!

Hi Folks,

It's almost Election time, and as usual, those  folks who are involved directly or indirectly are busy planning for what seems likely a Game Changing year. As with the most of us, Change is something that's long overdue. Lots of us are fed up with a system of goverment that's meant for the elite few. It's a goverment that lays too much emphasis on Quotas and Racial preference, Personal Gains and where the word '' Demi Rakyat '' is pocketable. Most of them are more concern about where the next Millions are coming from. This will eventually lead us nowhere but to a Stagnatory State, where it is us the Rakyat, who suffers.

Now for something away from the norm and back to those Men and womens who made Batu Pahat Proud. Believe it or not, many folks around the country still thinks that Mr. Lim kit siang and son are from Malacca !!  Surprisingly, both the proposition and opposition of the Chinese communities are from where else but Batu Pahat. Besides the political sides of things, Batu Pahat has in the past and present produce Men and Womens of Academic, Entrepreneurship, Political, Scientific, Humanitarians, Artist, Singers and Adventurers. There is very little left to be uncovered when it comes to Talents. But of course there is always a reason behind all of this. For that I try to do a write in the near future.

Here are some of The Men and Womens that most of you are familiar with, be it famous or infamous.

How many of them can you identify ??

There's a secret behind all of this, I have my own theory, but as always there's more to it than just plain coincidence.  It's a long story but the main word here is '' WILL ''.

This are just a few amongst the Thousands of Talented B.P. rians who are spread around the world today. I will update the best of the rest in my second part of this series. This above is only the Political sides of things. Three Cheers to them All...!!!

Regards.........Uncle James Moh.

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