Friday, 13 October 2017

The Fabled '' White Crocodile '' of Batu Pahat's '' Tua Pek Kong '' Temple.

Hi Folks ,

So sorry for for not updating my Blog for awhile now. This is indeed a busy year again for me. With the coming of my second grandchild this october, I will be even more tight up on being a Grandpa.

Anyway, here's one Article I had to share with some of my friends, students and followers. As with most seniors, Facebook is the easiest way of sharing some quick thoughts  and happenings around us. I will in the coming months write or rather post an article on the '' Revival of Film Photography ''.

But For now, I shall share an eye opening event that changes my views of the word '' Fable ''. Here below is an excerpt  of my Facebook  posting this past week as it happen on the 1st of october 2017. Included are some Pics from my video clips of the Croc itself.

'' Hi Folks ... After some time consuming clippings, my son Alvin Moh, finally mange to select 3 minutes of video from the full 20 minutes of video of both of the Crocodiles. It took nearly 2 hours just to upload to youtube and another 3 hours to edit and trim. This is an amateur video by all means with minimal effects added as its basically a documentary that's meant to inform rather than publicized. Relax and enjoy the short video and you're all welcome to share ... Thanks, Uncle James. ''

Finally, here's my YouTube post of the Video that has to be trim down to around 3 minutes for the upload. My Intro below :

 A video made possible thanks to the availability of drones. Thanks to The Dji Spark and my Lucky day, my family finally got to see the fabled '' White Crocodile '' of The Tua Pek Kong Temple at Parit Kassim, Batu Pahat. Most B.P. folks has heard of the story and always considered it a folklore . Legend has it that the White Croc will appear every year on the Birthday of Tua Pek Kong ( 15th of the eight lunar month ), which happens to be The Mid Autumn Festival and comes near to the temple to pay homage. But for those who lived near here, especially the fisherman and traders, its something real. There are so many stories and Fables from all walks of life and races, that one can't help but wonder whether to believe in it or otherwise. But for me , ever since I heard of it from older folks back in the 70's , its something i have to see for myself. Sure enough, after traversing this path with my children ( for more than 40 years ) and now grandchildren, I finally saw it this year, three days before the date on a cool sunday evening. It was the thought of Flying the Spark and bringing along my Granddaughter Audrey for some fresh air that made my day. We saw 2 crocs, one White & one Black '' crocodylus porosus '' . A total of two flights were needed for both the sightings.The term White is only a phrase to describe the lighter colored crocodile, it's of course not totally white at all. The white croc is believe to be more than 50 years old. Original video was more than 20 minutes and my son had to trim it down to around 3 minutes for the upload. Just seeing the pair of crocodile alive and well itself is a joy as they were thought to be extinct along the Batu Pahat river for a long time. What a sight it was for my family and the 20+ others who where there that day ... Thanks, uncle James.

Thanks for being here and you're welcome to share .

Cheers !! ... Uncle James.

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