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My Year That Was ( 2015 ) In Pictures.

Hello Folks,

Apologies for being away so long  and not posting any updates. Well, maybe its the age thing or simply I am being lazy ...Ha, Ha. The truth is I was busy preparing and helping out on the Double weddings of my Children.  Yes, two ( Traditional Chinese  ) Weddings in three months is a rather heavy task even for old timer like me. Hence my absence from my own Blog for the last few months. So, the least I could do is to post a Photo pictorial of '' The Year That Was '' ...2015. In my records, one of the most Eventful , Happy and Meaningful year of the '' RAM '' for me.

As before, I am not going to talk or rather write too much, instead , let my Pics do the talking for the Year that was ... Yawn !! Done in three parts of what I consider are the events that matters most last year. Mainly my going back to Film Photography and Watches,  my trip to England and China and last but not least ... My Children's Wedding. Sit back, Relax and take your time to just browse through my rumblings for the year ....Cheers!!

First off ... The Year That '' Film '' Catch up on me ... Holy Emulsion !!

Breaking News !! Just when you thought that Film was Dead , Kodak , The Once '' King of Film '' bounce back not in the stills , but the Motion sides of things. Who would have thought they would come back with a ''Super 8mm '' Movie  camera with processing and digital scan all in one ...Wala  !! As with all new Analog comebacks, there will always be Naysayers and critics. But with With analog, I'm not thinking about the technology at all. I'm taking pictures of things that are interesting or important to me, and taking time to compose before I take that precious shot in Time. For me it makes things more worth again, how often do people watch their digital photos or videos from their phones again?

The Kodak Comeback Kid !!

And I hope this too ... Those wonderful and educational Projectors !! Believe me, you really don't know what you're missing and the joy of owning and running one of this .

Now for the all important Life changing 35mm '' Film ''. It brought back vivid memories and taught me a new thing or two even now, after more than 15 years when I discard my last Film camera ...A Nikon D90X and a few FM 2's. I felt that I found a long lost friend who has been so loyal to me and most important of all, got me started on a journey of Creativity, Artistry and Wisdom. It Liven up my life and helps me see the lights of the day and the shadows of the Night ..... Long live Film !!

My comeback with those Expired Kodak Gold Films in Pictures !!

It was also a year that I brought out all those remaining Film related stuffs and sell them to growing numbers of Film Lovers. Here's some of those that I sold and some that are yet to sell...even at such a low price. Best of all , it gave me a chance to get hold and feel some of the gears and cameras that I once dream about , that came running back to me. Wow !! ... What a feeling .

It was also a year when all things  '' Tick Tock '' made a another comeback at me ... Bring on The Crowns !!

Now for the second part ...My Travels To England and China. Just Pics that I loved and treasure and no Words ... Enjoy !!

My 5th Trip To China,  So Beautiful and as always ...Full of Surprises ... Tai Pang Leh !!

And Finally My Children's Wedding . My Eldest Son Alvin and Youngest Daughter Adrienne's Wedding.

First off ...My Son's Alvin's Wedding on the 12/12/2015.

Next was My Daughter's Adrienne's Wedding on the 31/10/2015.

Finally The Icing on the cake for my Family was our First Christmas Party in more than 15 years ... Ho, Ho, Ho !! During my Bachelor years back in the  70's , I used to buy and give away Toys to my Neighbours Children , just to make them Happy as most of them could hardly afford them. It gives me joy just to see the Happiness and joy in their faces. It was an occasion that was long overdue as i have been tight up for the past 15 years or so. But Boy what a comeback it was, as both the young & Old were filled with Laughter, Happiness and Joy ... Yee Haa !!

2015 is indeed one of my Busiest, Fruitful, Gratifying and Happiest Year ever !!  Maybe its my  Karma or Metta or Blessing from my fore Parents, but I am indeed Grateful that I am What I am Today ... Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

Finally in the Camera world, it was a joy to see Film make a stronger comeback then ever. So too are all things analog , as they say ... '' Old Is Gold '' . Glad that Kodak is making a come back even though in a small way and i see the resurgence of the once King of imaging ... FILM. I am also looking forward towards the New Olympus 20mps '' PEN-F ''. The design of this new model is truly beautiful and very Retro and Old School.

Before parting , as usual, be it Photography, Arts or Life in general, always remember to be Moderate and Content in Life. Seek Peace and Happiness in this Noisy World that we live in and you shall find '' PEACE '' ... OM SHANTI, SHANTI ''.

 What a Year it was ... Yee Haa !!

Regards ... Uncle James.

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