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My England Tour 2015 With a OMD EM-5.

Howdy Folks,

After a long rest its back to the Blogging world again for me . As you might have guess, this is not a review of any kind, but just plain old Through The Lens stuff of my old self. This is of course a post on my travel to the Lake Districts and The Midlands in good old England. Basically its a trip to attend my friends daughter's wedding ( Expenses and Air Fares paid by my good friend Mr. Mrs Tay ) and to check out the places that I missed on my previous trip there. This time around I will try my best to make it a little shorter , with less pics as I feel that it will be easier on your eyes ...Ha,Ha. For this post I will be dividing it into 7 sections with only the pics that I feel are relevant and eye catching ... Just relax and have fun viewing !!

Besides the wedding and the Lake districts, it has always been the '' Antiques '' that's draws me to me to England . So, I shall start with my tour to The Ever So Beautiful Lake Districts .

The Lake Districts 


Next  ...  In The Realm of Shakespeare 

 Oxford & Cambridge in a '' Row ''

My Dream tour to the '' Theatre of Dreams '' , home of the club I supported for nearly 50 years ... Manchester United. Back in the 60's there were no luxury like Live Telecast and few own a T.V. !! Unlike the other kids, I would sit next to my elder Brother who would tune into BBC's Saturday Night special ( Match of the day ) and listen to the voice of Brian Moore & Barry Davies. Those were truly wonderful years of my Life .... Its a Gooaaaal !!! My favorite all time Man Utd player was Bobby Charlton, George Best and Nobby Stiles.

Among my top priority besides Old Trafford was without a doubt ... The RAF Museum. The last time I was here it was closing time and all I manage was the main entrance.  This time I was there early and this is one place I woudn't miss for anything in this world  !! Especially  those ... '' Spitfire '', which I still collect ( Scale Models ) till today ... Blimey !!

 I meet an old veteran who's taking care of the Aircraft over there ...Mr. Tony Rutherford . Way to Go Tony !!

 Now for some Wedding Bliss .... '' Jess & Max '' wedding at Cote How in Amberside .

 Try as I may, but still there's nearly a Hundred pics to upload ...Phew !! As usual there are nearly a few hundred pics that I took and selecting the minimum is still a headache ... Gosh !! Well, here's my last section of tour and its a selection of random pics from around London  and its vicinity.

A Mix of the rest ... Yee Haa!!

This was basically a Let Loose and Relax trip for me, as I promise myself not to concentrade to much on Photography and just relax and enjoy the view in front of me. In total I took half of what I normally do when I travel. Maybe its the age thing, and I can truly feel it catching up on me. A far cry from my younger days even though my spirit and will is as strong as ever ... Hurrah !!

  As usual, please take grace in any mistakes that I might have made along the way. A final advice to my fellow photogs, just go out and snap away and have fun. As with most form of Arts , it's practice that makes one near perfect . In time to come you would have that experience of being there and seen it feeling , that's in my opinion ...... Priceless !! Be yourself and most of all be creative and don't be afraid to try new things. Last but not least, try not to upgrade your gears to often, get used to the one that you own for its your imaginative mind that matters .... Cheers !!

Thanks for being here and your comments are always welcome . Take care and may Peace be with you all ... Om Shanti Shanti !!

Regards .... Uncle James.

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