Wednesday, 26 February 2014

My 2014 Chinese New Year Celebration in Pics !!

Hello Again Folks,

Does the title of the post surprise you ?? The word '' in Pics '' sounds odd to say the least...Ha,Ha. Well, I have decided to write less and add more pictures ...!! After all, a good pic is worth more than a thousand words. Another reason is that I am getting a year older heading through the year of the Horse.

It is as usual a hectic year filled with preparations, visitation, obligation, celebration and last but not least .... '' Satisfaction '' !!!  Its a festive holiday that both my family members & relatives treasure greatly now, and for years to come. 

 Most of the pics were shot here in Batu Pahat and Malacca. A few were taken in Muar , especially those of Justin & John ( National Geographic ). Their visit marks a milestone  in my new year celebration this year. Remember, you're always welcome to download any of the pics below, but do leave a message and let me know. Now for the pics .... !!!

First the Gatherings ... Home and family comes first !!

 Next ... My yearly '' Class of 72 - High School Batu Pahat '' gathering on the first day of the lunar new year.

 Now for my old time buddy and his family ... The Tay Family.

My friends from the IRC or International Red Cross, paid me a visit too.

After the reunion dinner and Ang Pows , its prayer time and the sending off of those '' Kong Ming Lanterns '', sending a modern day equivalent of an SMS to the heaven, for Luck, Health and Success ...Yee Haa !!

 Even my favorite avian species came down to our local temple and built two nest ... Far Out !!

 At midnight on the strike of twelve, the firework begins ..... '' Fire in the Hall '' !!!

 As with previous years, the first day of the new year are usually a '' stay at home '' affair. The second day traditionally are a day where son and daughter in laws pays a visit to their respective house of the '' in laws ''. But in this modern times, its all up to the will of the children and it is up to them to decide, not ours ... Ha,Ha. Well, as for me, I does my visitation on the third day onwards. This year its my local  long time temple ... ''Sian Teck Kong '', a temple I have been visiting since my High School days, way back in the 70's. The reason are besides the prayers & blessings its the Lion dance that's of traditional and photographic interest to me.

 And the other place associated with the lion dance is one of  the oldest and forgotten '' Kwong Shiew Association '' or better known as Kwantung Hwee Kwan.  It is here that the origin of the famous '' Wong Fei Hung '' school of lion dance first came to Johor, if not Malaysia. I am glad that one of the second generation  '' Wong Fei Hong '' master is still here with us . He is seen here with some of the oldest Lion dance costumes from the present and past.

The '' Sifu '' himself ...!!

During my prime days, I would make a date to visit those less fortunate old folks at their respective homes.  As for this year, I decided  to add a little something different to my schedule by visiting the  '' PPIA '' , a center  for the disabled childrens & adults.  It is an eye opener for me even though I have been a volunteer before. Here are the pics....!!

My visit to the PPIA  in Taman Bukit Perdana.

   The Children and young adults there... aren't they adorable !!

An an old time volunteer , who's name I can hardly recall ... What !!

On the forth day its a '' Must '' visit to my second home away from home .... Malacca !! Along with my son and future '' DIL ''.

Another interesting event around the fifth day is the chinese calligraphy writing competition held  almost every year in the chinese chamber of commerce. This is an event that's a must for photographers.

First, the young ones...!!

And of course the ... Seniors !!

 In between them all, it was the visit from two of National Geographic folks John Krich & Justin Guariglia that makes my new year complete. They were here through the suggestion of a friend the Tengku Mahkota of Johor  for their second book on Johor. Their first book '' Johor, Asia Latitute One '' , launch recently and selling very well now, over at Amazon .com. Go to Amazon and have a look, as it's a very interesting read and enormously big and filled with beautiful Pics. It was an eye opener for both them and me. I am glad to be able to assist them in every simple way possible. Looking forward towards more rendezvous with them in the near future ... Far Out !!

Nat Geo's John Krich ,

Justin Guariglia ,

 And their first book ... '' Johor, Asia Latitute One '' .

Here's Justin firing away at some local themes and scenes ... !!

Finally, on the the climax of it all, comes '' chap Goh Meh '', the traditional last day of the Lunar new year. It is of course well celebrated in China today and around the chinese world. Here in Batu Pahat, its a little more quiet , as most of the town folks are Hokkien and as they traditionally consider the 9th day ( Tian Kong Birthday ) , as their important date.

But for the rest of the other ethnic groups, along with the major Temples, chap goh meh marks the official last day of the chinese new year. Since Batu Pahat has the most temples per sq. feet in Malaysia, it's only natural that the atmosphere on that day are pretty spectacular ... !! 

Here are a mixed bags of goodies ( Pics ) from around the '' Tua Pek Kong '' temple in Jalan Pantai, here in Batu Pahat. Have fun and treat your eyes to spectacular '' Temple Fair '' held here .... Huat Ah !!

To cap it all, I personally hope you guys have as much fun as I had on this galloping year of the horse ... Yee Haa !!  Remember , '' Time '' waits for no one, treasure every moment with your love ones, relatives and friends. Be content in Life and please do not compare yourself with others !!

'' Live for this day for it is Life, The very Life of Life '' ..... Hakuna Matata !!

Regards .... Uncle James.


  1. Your HSBP Class 72' reunion gather - those guys look great for their age. Wished I was there to meet all the old friends. Maybe next year .......

    1. Hi No Eye Deer,

      Wah brother ! ...No eye how to see my post ah ?... Ha,Ha. Do I know you from our days in High School ? From you link, it look like you're still in s;pore. May be you should contact '' Choon Kee '' and come back here every forthnight ...My H/P : 019-7119019. Give me a ring if you're back here ....Thanks and take care brother !!

      Cheers !! ...James Moh Heng Hai.

  2. A well written entertaining post. Looking toward more posts.

    1. Hi Silent Reader,

      Thanks brother, will try my best to update my post. I got a feeling this will be another hectic year for me...Ha,Ha. From March onwards, I will start traveling and taking pics as I tag along...This time it around I will be putting more effort into serious photography....Its '' RAW '' images from now on, and more into Creative photography , just like my old Film days ...Yee Haa !!

      Take care and cheers !! .....James.