Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Back To Basics & Those Wonderful '' Kodak Moments '' With The E-300.

Hi Folks,

First of all here's Wishing you all out there a '' Merry Christmas & A Jolly New Year ''... !! Time really does Flies and at Godspeed. Its another New year to look forward to and Resolutions to meet. As with previous years, there are of course some unresolved resolutions left undone.  Well, all this are part and parcel of life, and one must always look at the bright sides of things. The most important thing is to be Content and be Happy in Life. Always remember that there are millions of people who are less fortunate than yourself. Spare a Thought for our fellow Brethren and remember to always be humble, for we all the children of this Pale Blue Dot we all call '' EARTH ''.

As with all most of my previous post, I have always emphasize the need to just go out, explore and take more Pictures, rather then to worry about the Best and the latest. Thanks to my recently purchased of the E-300, I have now virtually, gone back to Basics. It was this Camera that once again opened up my eyes to the days when Photography was all about taking good pictures , rather than just snapshots. It has help me discover my old self and force me to be creative all over again. I realise that this past years I have been spoiled rotten and gotten Lazy with all those Autos, Art Filters, HDR, Sweep Panos and Touch Screen etc. This is one camera No one wants in this double digit megapixel days. Its just like the good Old Film days again, where anything above ASA ( ISO ) 400 are but noise ...!!! It has made me Utilize the best of the situation and make full use of the whatever available Light there is, after all, Photography is all about Light. For without it, Photography itself would cease to Exist.

Here's sharing a few '' Rolls '' of those wonderful almost Film Like ... '' Kodak Moments ''. All shot with the E-300 & 14-45 Kit lens. Most were shot recently and a few were from the past. Have fun , relax and simply enjoy this simple collections of mine. All done in random themes without focusing on a particular subject.

Here are some Old school '' Art & Still Life '' Design  Shots, taken with my E-300, and Updated this 27th Dec, 2013. Those were some wonderful Film cameras that I owned during the 70's & 80's.



And here are some from my previous post from '' SANDMAN '' .

Finally for some truly '' Black & White '' conversion of those Kodak colours ...!! Looks like those 60's & 70's  T-Max 100 Films. 


Well, Those are just snippets of what this Baby E-300 could do in good hands. I have to limit myself to available lights and shooting in Low Lights is a challenge, just as in my Film days. But it doesn't get any more exciting than this, as I have Learn to go back to '' BASICS '' and relive and Rejuvenate my Passion for all things Photography all over again ... Yee Haa !!

As always remember to Utilize what that you have and just go out and have Fun. If you have a particular subject or category you like, by all means, give it your best shot and soon, you too will be a Master of it. As for me, I am into most things Photographic, and sadly Master of none ... Ha,Ha.

From time to time, I will as usual do an update when possible. There is so much to share and yet so little time to do it. But I certainly will add on as I Tag along.

Before closing, here's wishing that the New Year will bring you Fresh hopes and may all of your Resolutions comes true ... !!

Take care and Look to this day for its Life, the very Life of Life .... '' Hakuna Matata '' !!!

Regards .... Uncle James.

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